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Paperback is out!

So, the paperback got out already—a week before the release of the eBook, that is. I expected KDP’s review process to take longer, but there you go. eBook readers—be patient, it’s just eight more days till May 31!


A young woman’s descent into the criminal underworld of the Viridian sector.

Life on Viridia sucks for Grace. Doubly so when she ends up committing a serious crime and is forced to join a band of space pirates.

Driven forward by the hope of being reunited with her boyfriend, Grace’s only hope is to make enough money for a manufactured identity. As she learns the ways of a pirate, she makes a friend in the captain’s alien lover.

The crew she’s now a part of will work for anyone who pays well, even when the stability of the entire sector hangs in the balance. Will serving under a morally flexible captain break Grace, or will he be her ticket to redemption?

Navigators of Draconis is the first in a science fiction adventure series in the vein of Star Wars, Firefly, and Altered Carbon.

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