ARC copies are live—go get yours!

I am now offering advance reader copies for Navigators of Draconis, which is releasing May 31. You can claim your own at

Grace Myrasatra is a 23-year old woman at the bottom of Viridian society. While struggling to make ends meet, she is implicated in a terrible crime and wrenched from her boyfriend Zane. In order to escape imprisonment, she is forced to join a band of space pirates who call themselves the Thuban Delivery Company.

A space pirate’s life doesn’t come easily to Grace. The things she is forced to do just to survive test her very being. She is driven forward only by the hope of a peaceful life with her boyfriend. Now, her only hope of getting her wish is to make enough money to purchase a manufactured identity.

But just as something unfathomable stirs in Draconis, something begins to stir within Grace as well. Can there be redemption for what she has done?

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