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Summer update+dialogue!

My book has made its way to its first batch of alpha readers. Reception has been largely positive, with the dialogue and descriptions receiving particular praise. Still plenty to go before it’s ready for beta reading though.

That said, here’s a fun bit of dialogue for your reading pleasure. Stay tuned for more news later this summer!

Nashra,” Larcuiz said and took a drink. 

Nashra? What does that even mean?” Grace laughed.

“It means you’re supposed to drink, ya big numpty. Inferring from context? Hello?”

“Oh. Right,” Grace said and took a swig. “Say, Morgan. We haven’t had a chance to talk yet, you and I.”

“I s’pose we haven’t,” Morgan said.

“What brought you to this life?”

“What life? You mean a life of drinking?” Morgan chortled, causing chuckling in the crew.

“No, I mean how did you become involved in this, what do you call it, operation?”

“What kind of question is that? A man’s gotta eat.”

“And drink,” Farouk added.

“And to eat and drink, a man’s gotta work,” Morgan said. “The way I see it, it’s real simple.”

“Come now, Morgan,” Lillian said, annoyed by the man’s jesting. “Don’t you think the ensign deserves a straight answer?”

“Now what do you mean by that? That’s a straight ass answer from a straight ass man.”

“Oh, never mind.”

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